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Norine is 10!!

I am so in love with this shoot for so many reasons! This is my own little girl who just turned 10. We celebrate them with photos every year but this year is especially meaningful because she's officially in double digits. We made a day of it, going to drop off the bird we found the day before to the wildlife sanctuary, getting hair and makeup done by the incredible Erick Gerson ** find him here: **, then took some photos in his back yard before heading downtown GR. Ho w gorgeous is his back yard, though?!?! Once we made it downtown we rented scooters and scooted about to find lunch and some cool spots to take photos. Unfortunately, we got rained out pretty quickly so we headed back to the car and off to Craig's Cruisers to spend an hour playing. Finally, we headed back home to Muskegon to shoot at my friend's studio. I'm so proud of the wonderful human being she is growing to be; she is kind and sweet, caring and funny... always up for an adventure! Happy birthday, sweet girl!

Photographer: Bethany Cramblet | Owner | Joy Photo | Location 1: Grand Rapids, Mi Location 2: MySpace Storage in Muskegon, Mi Incredible support from Katie VanderWal of Love ; Photography

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