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Makenzie's Glow-Up - 10 years old!

Makenzie has been my daughter for 3 years now and watching her grow into a young woman has taught me so much, both about myself and about who she is deep down. Every year, we try to take a special set of photos for each kid but I wanted to make this one special for Makenzie. She has worked really hard to take control of some really tough situations that life has dealt her and she is impressed me at how she has handled things no girl her age should have to handle. As a big double-digit pre-teen, it is hard to know where you fit in and how you stack up against your peers. It is a challenging time in a young kid's life and I believe there is nothing more powerful than to take the time to celebrate them for who they are right now in this moment, pull out their best features and show them off. When she saw the images we took yesterday her eyes lit up and he felt so proud! She's excited to show her friends and this new boost of confidence is palpable. We had the incredible Jen Dedeaux do her hair and makeup and WOW did she do an incredible job or what?! Find her here:

Photographer: Joy Photo - - Facebook Instagram MUAH:

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