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Heart of Gold Lydia - Class of 2021

This past fall I had the pleasure in getting to know Grand Haven High School senior Lydia on a gorgeous day at Lake Harbor Park while taking her senior photos. We wandered and took photo opportunities wherever we found inspiration and went with our creativity. As we talked I was struck by the maturity and self-awareness that she has (she probably gets it from her momma!). She is down to earth, relatable, and has the most kind smile I've seen in a long time and just love to capture behind the lens!

This soon-to-be graduate has undeniably a heart of gold as she's been working in special needs classrooms since her middle school days. Understandably, this year has been a really tough one for students, including Lydia - but she's been rolling with the punches beautifully through quarantines and virtual school.

She graduates this spring from Grand Haven High School and I can only imagine the impact she is going to make on the world! She's a triple threat - beautiful, kind, and smart! Watch out, world!!

Photographer: Bethany Cramblet - Joy Photo -

Location(s): Lake Harbor Park

Norton Shores, MI


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