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Family is everything to us - the smiles and interactions, silly inside jokes... My goal is to capture who you are as people, not just tell you to stand over there and smile.


I focus on relationships in a storytelling manner so future generations can see who you were when they look back through the gorgeous book we create from these images.

Extended families add $150 per family. Includes your own 8x8 Keepsake Book.



Child Portraits

Personalized 'lifestyle' shoots perfect for people who want to capture a specific moment in their life or their child's life.  That might be a child turning  1, a boy and his dog playing in the yard, an 8 month old splashing in the farmhouse sink, or pretty much any memory you want to keep forever.  I want to turn these moments into something you cherish every time you look at it, reminding you of that season of life.  So let's make some giggles and turn the photos into play!




The "Portrait Experience" is for people who are a bit older and more self-aware because my goal is to capture their personality on a deeper level. It might be something you're doing for yourself or your child to celebrate a new phase, a confidence-boosting tween session, a portrait of a beloved family member, etc. I turn these moments into something you cherish every time you look at it, reminding you of that season of life.  


Adalaide 2.jpg

Lifestyle Newborn

Lifestyle newborn sessions focus on your natural connections as a family. While I provide posing guidance, I don’t physically pose baby or use any props. Instead, my storytelling style allows you to be fully present in the moment, soaking it all in. 


These sessions generally happen in the baby's nursery, master bedroom, or living room. My goal is to capture sweet interactions with mom and dad or special moments between baby and siblings. 



Posed Newborn

Congratulations on your newest adventure - I am beyond excited for the new addition to your family and want to help you celebrate this tiny new human's first few days.  

People are constantly telling parents-to-be to cherish the first few days because they'll never be that tiny and innocent ever again and anyone who has had children knows exactly how that feels.  That is why I love this job - I get to give you a few hours of respite while I pose and photography your little one (and get my baby fix at the same time...) and you get to keep these moments forever!




It is incredibly important how you present yourself to potential customers.  Now, more than ever, consumers are looking at the person behind the business and your headshot is likely the first image they will see.

I work hard to create an image that will bring out your best features and make you look polished, high-end and on-brand.


Headshots can be done traditionally in-studio or we could create something something more creative on-location.


-Includes 3 professionally edited images.

Contact me for group rates.


The Consult

Let's get to know each other!

Our time together is more than just showing up at the same place and taking pictures; it begins with a consult where we dream big dreams and dig into the details to create a unique experience.  

Do you dream of fields of tall grasses or something a little dark and moody? I have a ton of location ideas that can serve as the perfect backdrop for your shoot.  

The Shoot

Time to create something beautiful!

When we get to the day of your shoot we typically spend two hours together, sometimes more, but we don't care about the time - we care about getting you those incredible images.  We don't quit until we know we have a set of images that will make you swoon!

Most shoots include an assistant who helps with lighting and other details so your session runs smoothly. 

The Ordering Appointment

What it means to be a full service photographer...

We typically schedule this one to two weeks after your session. Because we know you're dying to see them, we always start with a slideshow of the best images from your session and fall in love all over again.  After that, we work together to get your favorites picked for your book* and talk about what else you would like to do with your images. I have programs that help me mock up to-scale versions of your images framed and hung in your room using just a picture of the wall and a measurement. 


It is these ordering appointments that allow us to give you the attention to detail that you deserve, going over all the details so there isn't all the back and forth online.  I'll even come to your home and hang your photos for you if you need!


Everything I have printed is archival quality which comes with a 100 year guarantee through the company against fading and discoloring.  I get so much joy knowing that the images we print will be handed down generation after generation.

One complimentary ordering appointment is included with a session. Additional ordering appointments are $100 and the price can be applied as a credit toward the order placed at that appointment.

Please make sure all decision makers are present at the ordering appointment.

*The creative fee for the session covers the consult and planning, shoot time, and basic editing of your images. Digital files, prints and products are all purchased separately.  


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