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I have always been intrigued by what is below the surface of the people I meet.  As a photographer, my greatest joy is capturing the real and raw, telling stories, and giving you memories to pass down generation after generation. The impermanence of time is what called me to this career and compels me to be a full-service  photographer. At our consultation meeting we plan something perfectly suited for you. My team takes care of every detail including helping you get your outfits dialed in, hanging stunning prints on your walls and custom designing the heirloom album you will flip through with your grandchildren someday.  While your friends' memories are rusting in a drawer somewhere yours will be proudly displayed.

In my 8 years as a professional photographer I have done everything from newborns to weddings, births to final goodbyes.  The common thread in all of my projects has been the human spirit.  I focus mostly on portraiture because there is nothing more rewarding than to help someone truly see themselves.  All I ask is that you trust the process and participate in the experience.  I truly want to get to know you!

I live in West Michigan but I am always up for an adventure so let's dream up something incredible!

Let's Chat!

231.740.0900 - call or text

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